Foot Care with Step! Shoes

Foot care should be an important part in our lives. After all, our feet are the only thing that will, literally, keep us moving. We understand that everyone’s feet is different, thus making the search for the ultimate comfort shoe difficult. There are many articles on this subject, and you’ve probably heard it all, so we’ll cut to the chase and point out some of the most important things we’ve discovered throughout our many years of experience.

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India 2016

All but a memory now, or was it all just a dream? My jet lag was like a dose of medication slowly bring me back into reality. The reality is- coming back to a country with much uncertainty. What happened? It was very much like going to sleep for three months, and waking up to find out things had changed... drastically. 

What happened during my trip, you might ask? The 2016 presidential election happened, an interracial marriage, and demonetization in India- all in the span of three months!

People ask me- "did you have a good time in India?" I look back and all I can think of is a world wind roller coaster. I absolutely love roller coasters, don't get me wrong, but the things that were happening in the U.S? It was like a coaster ride- half excitement gushing up and down through tall scenic mountains/ half haunted horror house scare!

Yes, I had a good time! My experience in India was kind, self reflecting, and beautiful, but there were many times that I felt like I was staring out of a window to the world in which I came from, viewing it, thinking- could it be true; what's going on?"

Now I'm back and though India seems all but a happy dream, at least I was able to capture a few images. Flipping through these photos I remind myself- oh- but it was all true.

"Oh but a dream, so it had seemed. Here was my India 2016"

How to Touch Up A Leather Bag

I have this amazing backpack/ shoulder bag from the brand Lily and Lola Handbags. The vegetable tanned leather is made to develop characteristics and patina over time, something people may or may not love. I personally love to keep this bag polished and pristine. In this article written by yours truly- "M'wa", find out how I touch up this particular bag, and how you can too.

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Because of my travel to India in October I totally missed out on my number one most favorite holiday of the year- Halloween. I stumbled across this old gif I created back in college. For me, it's always good to have a little Halloween in each day.

How to Keep Your Shoes in Order

After a long day of work you’ve finally settled into bed. The lights are off and your waking life is slowly drifting into rest. Suddenly a knock announces itself from the dark. You wake confused. Slowly walking to the source of the sound you approach the closet. You reach for the handle and slowly open the door. A pile of shoes topple to the floor before you.

This could be the topic of countless arguments spent with your significant other. It’s on that “To Do List” you have somewhere with all the other projects lined up. It could very much well be what keeps us up late at night. This is the affair with your shoes and it needs to be addressed.

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Chrysalis Art Exhibition

Client : Fine Artist Der Lee

Type   : Flyer - Print | Digital

Work   : Graphic Design | Photography


Ah yes... the charactors of a great creator. When you are a cartoonist you take on the world with many personas. I got to see... just a few of them, during a shoot with Reflect Magazine.

Model: Dustin | @dustooned

Comfort With Style

You’ve picked the perfect flight, scheduled the perfect tours. Everything planned accordingly to your ideal trip of the year, but you can’t understand why you are constantly resting along the side of the road. You wave to your friends, gesturing them to go on without you. You look down at the pebble paved road to where your aching feet finally rest. If only you had enough room in your suitcase for all three sandal, dressy heels, and walking shoes; This trip would have been complete.

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Made From Scratch

During the blazzing summer another life's year was filed away. As I celebrated a package came to my door step. In it a delicate journal booklet was discovered, destined for an auther to record their next life journey. 

What a wonderful gift it was. What the many stories it will have.



Pinterest Banners for Lily and Lola

Business Jet Photo Shoot

I'm so excited to share these images I took this early summer! I feel so fortunate to have had an opportunity like this one come up. I have never photographed an airplane before, especially a private business jet! I thought it would be a challenge, but all went smoothly and the client was happy! This is the largest product shoot I've done so far and I have another one scheduled right around the corner!

Trip to Australia • S100

Just thought I'd share some images on my travels to Australia in 2012. It was such an amazing journey. We first stayed in Melbourne, made our way to Hobart, then ended our trip in Sydney.

Although I brought my larger dslr with me, I planned on not using it much of the time. I wanted to travel light, and avoid having to lug a big camera around since I would be on my feet most of the time. I still wanted to take photos though, so I purchased a canon S100. Some of my best images that were taken with this camera, given that it is a point and shoot. You are still able to adjust the settings manually, but I wouldn't say it is the same as using manual on a regular dslr; The S100 is less precise. I ended up using auto most of the time, but the results were still as beautiful. This was my first journey out of the states, and I did not want to miss one bit of the actual moment instead of having to worry about technical details, settings, and what not. It was beautiful and I was just glad to have a light, pocketable camera to document my adventure.

I plan on traveling to Australia again in the near future, this time more north, perhaps pay a visit to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, I hope!

... all images are un-edited, taken with Canon S100

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